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There are currently two dominant interface types for searching and browsing large image collections: keyword-based search, and searching by overall similarity to sample images. We present an alternative based on enabling users to navigate along conceptual dimensions that describe the images. The interface makes use of hierarchical faceted metadata and(More)
The security of any computer system that is configured and operated by human beings critically depends on the information conveyed by the user interface, the decisions of the computer users, and the interpretation of their actions. We establish some starting points for reasoning about security from a user-centred point of view, by modelling a system in(More)
We describe a new animation technique for supporting interactive exploration of a graph, building on the wellknown radial tree layout method. When a node is selected to become the center of interest, the visualization performs an animated transition to a new layout. Our approach makes the transition easy to follow by linearly interpolating the polar(More)
Bioinformatics methods have identified enhancers that mediate restricted expression in the Drosophila embryo. However, only a small fraction of the predicted enhancers actually work when tested in vivo. In the present study, co-regulated neurogenic enhancers that are activated by intermediate levels of the Dorsal regulatory gradient are shown to contain(More)