Ka-Ming Keung

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Existing block cipher function designs have tended to deploy the secret bits in a specific and limited way. We generalize the role of the secret as truth tables of Boolean gates in a carefully designed logic schema. Our claims are: these reconfigurable functions are pseudo one-way and pseudo random functions. Such a function family is proposed using(More)
Many embedded systems exhibit temporally and behaviorally disjoint behavior slices. When such behaviors are captured by state machines, the current design flow will capture it as a union of all the behavior slices, and map it using traditional state assignment followed by logic synthesis. Such implementations costs are proportional to the union of all the(More)
As computing goes to system-on-chip era, on-chip network becomes an essential infrastructure for on-chip modules (cores) communication. 2D-Mesh is the most common on-chip network topology providing high throughput point-to-point communication due to its simplicity and regularity. A well-designed 2D-Mesh wormhole router should be deadlock free while(More)
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