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In this paper, three data hiding methods are proposed, based upon properties of DNA sequences. It is highlighted that DNA sequences possess some interesting properties which can be utilized to hide data. These three methods are: the Insertion Method, the Complementary Pair Method and the Substitution Method. For each method, a reference DNA sequence S is(More)
In this paper, the movement of bacteria, i.e. E. coli, is simulated based on the run and tumble model. The random walk parameters, such as the speed, tumbling frequency, run duration, and the turn angle between two successive runs were taken from experimental measurements; and use them to simulate the bacteria movement in cases of three different uniform(More)
Molecular networks are the basis of biological processes. Such networks can be decomposed into smaller modules, also known as network motifs. These motifs show interesting dynamical behaviors, in which co-operativity effects between the motif components play a critical role in human diseases. We have developed a motif-searching algorithm, which is able to(More)
A protein function pair approach, based on protein-protein interaction (PPI) data, is proposed to predict protein functions. Randomization tests are performed on the PPI dataset, which resulted in a protein function correlation scoring value which is used to rank the relative importance of a function pair. It has been found that certain classes of protein(More)
Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is one of the leading causes of death globally, and research into NSCLC has been accumulating steadily over several years. Drug repositioning is the current trend in the pharmaceutical industry for identifying potential new uses for existing drugs and accelerating the development process of drugs, as well as reducing side(More)
Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death in both the USA and Taiwan, and it is thought that the cause of cancer could be because of the gain of function of an oncoprotein or the loss of function of a tumour suppressor protein. Consequently, these proteins are potential targets for drugs. In this study, differentially expressed genes are identified,(More)
MicroRNAs are small, endogenous RNAs found in many different species and are known to have an influence on diverse biological phenomena. They also play crucial roles in plant biological processes, such as metabolism, leaf sidedness and flower development. However, the functional roles of most microRNAs are still unknown. The identification of closely(More)
In our previous study (Wang et al., 2008) it is found that the relative frequency distribution of maximal repeat sequencesLog(P(k)) versus the frequency of appearance Log(k) exhibits scaling behavior, i.e. P(k) ~ k-γ. In order to valid the above findings are not due to an artifact, we redone the study by performing the randomize test, and reanalysis the(More)