Ka Kit Lam

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<sup>1</sup>TCP is a popular transport layer protocol. The performance of TCP is known to be unsatisfactory in wireless network, due to high bit error rates or drop outs. Employing error correction at the transport layer can alleviate the problem to some extent. We make three contributions in this paper. First, we optimize the efficiency of repetitive(More)
We consider the problem of de novo DNA sequencing from shot gun data, wherein an underlying (unknown) DNA sequence is to be reconstructed from several short substrings of the sequence. We propose a de novo assembly algorithm which requires only the minimum amount of data and is efficient with respect to space and computation. We design the algorithm from an(More)
Introduction Over the past decade there has been an explosion in terms of the massive amounts of high-dimensional data in almost all fields of science and engineering. This situation presents a challenge as well as an opportunity to many areas such as web data analysis, search, biomedical imaging, bioinformatics, (social) network analysis, image, video and(More)
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