Ka Chun Wong

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Point location is the problem of preprocessing a planar polygonal subdivision S of size n into a data structure in order to determine efficiently the cell of the subdivision that contains a given query point. We consider this problem from the perspective of expected query time. We are given the probabilities pz that the query point lies within each cell z ∈(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY Shi-Bi-Lin (SBL) is modified from the classic formula Cang-Er-Zi-San which has been used to treat chronic rhinitis, paranasal sinusitis and allergic rhinitis by herbal practitioners. The present study aimed at patients with moderate to severe perennial allergic rhinitis. SBL which has been shown effective in treating a guinea-pig model of(More)
Susceptibility to tuberculosis (TB) may be affected by host genetic factors. Elevated levels of transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-beta(1)) were found in plasma of patients with active TB compared with those of healthy contacts. To investigate the association of TGF-beta(1) gene polymorphisms (C-509T and T869C) and plasma levels with the risk of TB in(More)
Stable colloidal suspension of magnetic nanoparticles is challenging owing to both van der Waals forces and magnetic dipolar interactions. Thus, it is essential to coat magnetic nanoparticles with a surfactant during chemical synthesis in order to prepare well-dispersed nanoparticle colloid. In the present study, cobalt nanoparticles (∼15 nm in size) were(More)
(-)-Epiafzelechin is a flavan-3-ol commonly found in plant source. Biological studies suggested that (-)-epiafzelechin may have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and bone-protective effect. However, it's in vivo efficacy remains to be demonstrated. A specific detection method for (-)-epiafzelechin was successfully developed by using UPLC-MS/MS to quantify the(More)
This study presents the development and evaluation of a next generation air monitoring system with both laboratory and field tests. A multi-parameter algorithm was used to correct for the impact of environmental conditions on the electrochemical sensors for carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollutants. The field evaluation in an urban roadside(More)
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