KV Chalapati Rao

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Cerebral sinus and venous thrombosis were diagnosed by computed tomography (CT) and subsequently confirmed by other studies in eleven patients. CT revealed normal or small ventricles, hemorrhages, low-density areas, and increased density of dural sinuses and tentorium. CT in combination with appropriate angiographic studies is necessary for diagnosis and(More)
A case of a cholesterol granuloma located in the petrous apex and eroding into the sphenoidal sinus is reported. Cholesterol granuloma is thought to occur when pneumatized cells in the temporal bone become obstructed. Although usually occurring in the middle ear, it can occur in the petrous apex. The diagnosis and surgical management are discussed.
Computerized cranial tomography (CCT) and angiographic findings in three cases of multicentric glioblastoma are reported. Differentiation of multicentric glioblastoma from diffuse metastatic deposits or multiple abscesses can be difficult with CCT. Apart from demonstrating a mass effect in one case and tumor neovascularity in the second case, angiography(More)
Calcification of the basal ganglia developed following intracranial hemorrhage in a neonate recovering from severe perinatal asphyxia. Cranial computed tomography is useful in demonstrating the anatomic distribution of dystrophic calcification in regions previously involved by hemorrhage. The demonstration of hemorrhage or hemorrhagic infarction with CT may(More)
Vertebral hemangioma, although a benign lesion, can result in neurologic deficit. Computed tomography is useful in demonstrating the extension of the hemangioma into the posterior neural arch and epidural space. Computed tomography after intravenous contrast administration is useful in evaluating the vascular nature of the lesion and is a useful technique(More)
An unusual case of bilateral intratentorial lipomas with extension into Meckel's caves and the cerebellopontine angle is described. Surgical and histopathologic correlation demonstrate that the lipoma encased the trigeminal nerve in Meckel's caves. The origin of the lipoma from the anteromedial margins of the tentorium is discussed and correlated with a(More)
The transsphenoidal approach is being increasingly utilized in the surgical treatment of pituitary microadenoma. Even with high-resolution and dynamic computed tomography (CT) scanning, subtle vascular anatomic variants and other vascular anomalies involving the parasellar carotid arteries cannot always be clearly defined. Five cases are described in which(More)