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Neural networks (NNs) are becoming an increasingly attractive solution for power amplifier (PA) behavioral modeling, due to their excellent approximation capability. Recently, different topologies have been proposed for linearizing PAs using neural based digital predistortion, but most of the previously reported results have been simulation based and(More)
A design methodology for a concurrent dual-band Doherty power amplifier (PA) with frequency-dependent backoff power ranges is presented in this paper. Based on a dual-band T-shaped network and a coupled line network, different dual-band components needed in Doherty PA topology, including a 3-dB branch-line coupler, an offset line, and a quarter-wavelength(More)
This paper proposes an analytically-based approach for the design of a miniaturized single-band and dual-band two-way Wilkinson power divider. This miniaturization is achieved by realizing the power divider's impedance transformers using slow wave structures. These slow wave structures are designed by periodically loading transmission lines with(More)
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