KSH de Silva

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Cell lineages of the early human gonad commit to one of the two mutually antagonistic organogenetic fates, the testis or the ovary. Some individuals with a 46,XX karyotype develop testes or ovotestes (testicular or ovotesticular disorder of sex development; TDSD/OTDSD), due to the presence of the testis-determining gene, SRY Other rare complex syndromic(More)
Aims To demonstrate association between Vitamin D levels and AED usage. To demonstrate effects of long term antiepileptic drug use on bone metabolism –eg: Serum alkaline phospha-tase (ALP), calcium. Method A retrospective cohort study was performed on 205 children aged 1−12 years presented to a tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka;119 with epilepsy, exposed(More)
UNLABELLED Children rarely present with phaeochromocytoma. Their presentation differs from that of adults. The classic triad of sweating, headache and palpitation may not always present in children with phaeochromocytoma. In this study, we present a 6-year-old girl who came to us with polyuria and polydipsia for evaluation of suspected diabetes insipidus.(More)
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