KS Renuka

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BACKGROUND Widespread use of fluoroquinolones has resulted in emergence of Salmonella typhi strains with decreased susceptibility to fluoroquinolones. These strains are identifiable by their nalidixic acid-resistance. We studied the impact of infection with nalidixic acid-resistant S. typhi (NARST) on clinical outcomes in patients with(More)
The increasing pressure on health resources has led to the emergence of risk assessment as an essential tool in the management of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Concern exists regarding the validity of their generalization to all populations. Existing risk scoring models do not incorporate emerging 'novel' risk factors. In this context, the aim of the study(More)
  • K Renuka, Devi, A Siva Sankar, P Sudhakar
  • 2013
Production of rice-the world's most important crop for ensuring food security and addressing poverty will be defeated as temperatures increase in rice-growing areas with continued climate change. Climate change needs us to look at various alternatives for more drought tolerant and tougher strains and to develop a technique to screen a large number of(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a combined group of sensors form a network. WSN will monitor the changes in physical conditions and it will forward the data via multi hop network. Sensors are dynamic in nature so the lifetime of sensors and providing security for the data transmitted by the nodes are the major problems faced by the Wireless Sensor Networks(More)
  • Christo Ananth, D L Roshni Bai, K Renuka, C Savithra, A Vidhya
  • 2014
— The problem of interactive foreground/background segmentation in still images is of great practical importance in image editing. They avoid the boundary-length bias of graph-cut methods and results in increased sensitivity to seed placement. A new proposed method of fully automatic processing frameworks is given based on Graph-cut and Geodesic Graph cut(More)
  • K Renuka, Devi, A Siva Sankar, P Sudhakar
  • 2013
Climate change needs us to look at various alternatives for more drought tolerant and tougher strains. Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is the most important food crop of the world; drought stress is a serious limiting factor to rice production and yield stability in rainfed areas. In order to design efficient varieties with virtues of drought tolerance and high(More)
  • A S N Chakravarthy, K Manasa Veena, K Renuka, Student
  • 2012
Active worms are one of the major security threats to the Internet. This is because of their ability to propagate in an automated fashion as they continuously compromise computers on the Internet. Camouflaging Worm (C-Worm in short) is one of the active worms. The C-Worm is different from traditional worms because they can camouflage (hide) itself from the(More)
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