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Investigation of conformational changes in a protein is a prerequisite to understand its biological function. To explore these conformational changes in proteins we developed a strategy with the combination of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. The major goal of this work is to investigate how far(More)
The central part of the tricylindrical core of phycobilisomes from Rhodella violacea was isolated by hydroxylapatite adsorption chromatography followed by density gradient centrifugation. In the electron microscope negatively stained APCM complexes showed a tricylindrical face view with an edge length of 20 to 24 nm and a thickness of 9 to 10 nm in profile(More)
Meat cutters have long since claimed that knife forces increase with lower meat temperatures. This study was performed to find out what effects the meat temperature has on cutting forces. In addition, the same issue was addressed for pure fat. One hundred and forty four samples of lean meat and of fat respectively were collected and put overnight in one of(More)
An interactive image analysis system has been developed to analyse and quantify the percentage of motile filaments and the individual linear velocities of organisms. The technique is based on the "difference" image between two digitized images taken from a time-lapse video recording 80 s apart which is overlaid on the first image. The bright lines in the(More)
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