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Dexmedetomidine (DM) was studied in the isolated dog heart in the form of a Starling heart-lung preparation, (HLP). Hearts were subjected to increased loading by (a) increasing cardiac output, and (b) increasing systemic resistance. Results are depicted by cardiac function curves, prepared by plotting left atrial pressure against either systemic cardiac(More)
Optical signal regeneration including Re-amplification and Re-shaping regenerator has been revealed as the needs in optical communications system particularly in Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) system. Based on this, the idea of modeling the WDM regenerator has been proposed. 2R regenerator based on High Nonlinear Dispersion Imbalanced Loop Mirror(More)
We propose a fibre-based approach for generation of optical frequency combs (OFCs) with the aim of calibration of astronomical spectrographs in the low and medium-resolution range. This approach includes two steps: in the first step, an appropriate state of optical pulses is generated and subsequently moulded in the second step delivering the desired OFC.(More)
Coronary artery fistula is a congenital abnormality that can present with a variety of cardiovascular complications. This article presents a patient with a coronary artery fistula outlining the pathophysiology and course of hospitalization, with particular emphasis on nursing management of a patient with coronary artery fistula.
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