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LKAB's Kiruna mine is an underground sublevel caving mine located above the Arctic circle in northern Sweden. The iron ore mine currently uses a long-term production scheduling model to strategically plan its ore extraction sequence. In this chapter, we describe how we modify this model to consider several different levels of time resolution in the(More)
We have studied a possibility to read small pits in electron beam (EB) resist layer using a near-field optical probe for ultrahigh density optical storage. For the reading, we used small near-field optical probe in prototype atomic force cantilevered SNOM, which has an ability to obtain both atomic force microscope (AFM) and scanning near-field microscope(More)
We have developed a liquid chromatographic method which uses electrochemical detection for the simultaneous quantitation of histamine and N tau-methylhistamine in rat brain. The amines are derivatized with the water-soluble Bolton-Hunter reagent (sulfo B-H). Perchloric acid extracts of rat brains are chromatographed on a strong cation-exchange resin. The(More)
A general methodology for the selective derivatization of amines, to enable quantitation by high pressure liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection, is presented. N-Hydroxysuccinimide active esters present in large excess are suitably mild acylating agents to derivatize selectively trace quantities of amines for electrochemical detection. The 2(More)
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