KI Deen

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The CD4 molecule, a differentiation marker expressed primarily by T lymphocytes, plays an important role in lymphocyte activation. CD4 is also the receptor for HIV. A number of recent studies have localized the high affinity binding site of the HIV envelope glycoprotein, gp120, to the NH2-terminal (V1) domain of CD4, a region with sequence and predicted(More)
OBJECTIVES This study compares clinico-pathological features in young (<40 years) and older patients (>50 years) with colorectal cancer, survival in the young and the influence of pre-operative clinical and histological factors on survival. MATERIALS AND METHODS A twelve year prospective database of colorectal cancer was analysed. Fifty-three young(More)
BACKGROUND The pathogenesis of idiopathic pancreatitis (IP) remains poorly understood. Our hypothesis is that IP is a sequel of micro-crystallization of hepatic bile. METHODS A prospective case control study compared 55 patients; symptomatic cholelithiasis - 30 (14 male, median age 36 years; mean BMI - 25.1 kg/m2), gallstone pancreatitis - 9 (3 male,(More)
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