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Acrylonitrile (VCN) is metabolized to cyanide in rats and mice. Cyanide levels following oral administration of an LD50 of VCN or KCN were determined in blood and organs of treated rats and mice. After administration of VCN, cyanide levels were significantly lower than those following treatment with KCN in rats, whereas in mice the difference was not(More)
Microglia, the intrinsic macrophages of the nervous system, colonise the cerebrum around the second trimester in man. In order to determine the extent of microglial influx into the nervous system, we have examined their distribution within the human fetal spinal cord in relation to astrocytic and vascular development between 9 and 16 weeks of gestation,(More)
Allergic diseases, such as allergic asthma, are hypersensitivity reactions initiated by immunological mechanisms. Myrica esculenta (M. esculenta) is known traditionally in Ayurveda to possess anti-asthmatic activity. The present investigation was undertaken to evaluate the effect of crude extract of stem bark of M. esculenta (Family Myricaceae, commonly(More)
As bariatric surgery rates continue to climb, anaemia will become an increasing concern. We assessed the prevalence of anaemia and length of hospital stay in patients undergoing bariatric surgery. Prospective data (anaemia [haemoglobin <12 g/dL], haematinics and length of hospital stay) was analysed on 400 hundred patients undergoing elective laparoscopic(More)
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