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Food poisoning caused by deteriorated fat and oil in instant noodles was first reported in Japan approximately 40 years ago. In these cases, many people developed neurotoxic symptoms such as emesis and discomfort. The degree of oxidation of the fat and oil in the instant noodles that induced food poisoning was at least 100 meq/kg in peroxide value (PV). No(More)
An easy and rapid isolation technique of human T cells on a polystyrene resin particle column has been developed. The cells of the effluent fraction contained more than 90% sheep erythrocyte (SRBC) rosette-forming cells and less than 1% of cells bearing surface immunoglobulin (Ig) or peroxidase. The T cell (SRBC rosette-forming cells) recovery rate was 80%.(More)
In order to selectively remove pathogenic macromolecular reactants, a biological affinity type adsorbent (a DNA colloidin charcoal column or protein A sepharose CL4B = Prosorba) has been developed and used for the treatment of immune disorders, alloimmunization and cancer. However, because physiologically active materials are required in this procedure, it(More)