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This study documents the detailed characteristics of the tropical intraseasonal variability (TISV) in the MRI-20km60L AGCM that uses a variant of the Arakawa–Schubert cumulus parameterization. Mean states, power spectra, propagation features, leading EOF modes, horizontal and vertical structures, and seasonality associated with the TISV are analyzed.(More)
Automatic external rotation at the glenohumeral joint is an essential component of active as well as passive elevation of the arm through abduction. Recent studies have demonstrated this automatic rotation to be present during passive abduction using cadaveric glenohumeral joints even in the absence of extra-articular influences like the coraco-acromial(More)
The role of the long head of the biceps in glenohumeral abduction and the accompanying external rotation is an unsettled issue. Automatic external rotation however has been previously demonstrated during passive abduction, with intact long head and the absence of factors traditionally considered to influence the rotation such as the coracoacromial arch and(More)
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