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Recently we reported that rapid killing of Escherichia coli by granulocytes or granulocyte fractions is accompanied by an equally rapid and discrete increase in permeability of the microbial envelope (Beckerdite, Mooney, Weiss, Franson, and Elsbach. 1974. J. Exp. Med. 140: 396-409). Most of this permeability-increasing activity (PI) is found in a crude(More)
The effects of a highly-purified, potently bactericidal fraction from rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocytes on the envelope of Escherichia coli (W) have been examined. This leukocyte fraction has equally enriched bactericidal, permeability-increasing and phospholipase A2 activities, and is essentially devoid of lysozyme, myeloperoxidase and protease(More)
HUMANIST Project An objective of this project is to build a top European workplace that will gather and integrate the outcomes of research of leading European transport institutions, and act as an intermediary in mutual information sharing and reducing the so-called knowledge gaps among individual countries in the whole area of the interaction of the user(More)
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