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'Laser-like,' long-range coherent quantum phenomena may occur biologically within cytoskeletal microtubules. This paper presents a theoretical prediction of the occurrence in biological media of the phenomena which we term 'superradiance' and 'self-induced transparency'. Interactions between the electric dipole field of water molecules confined within the(More)
EEG was recorded monopolarly at frontal (F3, F4), central (C3, C4) and occipital (O1, O2) derivations during A-B-A conditions of waking rest, hypnosis (rest, arm immobilization, mosquito hallucination, hypnotic dream), and waking rest. Stringently screened on several measures of hypnotic susceptibility, 12 very low hypnotizable and 12 very highly(More)
This review attempts to organize a range of neuropsychological and psycho-physiological data On attention. Three separate, but interacting, neural systems are distinguished: One controls arousal, which is defined in terms of phasic physiological responses to input. The arousal control circuits center on the amygdala. A second system controls activation,(More)
In humans, frontal lesions result in deficits of social and emotional behavior that are often surprising in the presence of intact language and other cognitive skills. The connections between the motivation and memory functions of limbic cortex and the motor planning functions of frontal neocortex must be fundamental to meeting the daily challenges of(More)
Maturation (1-21 yr) trajectories for quantitative electroencephalographic (QEEG) frequency spectra are presented for four regions of the human brain. The results show that all four regions exhibited discontinuous maturation rates: five stages were identified. The stages were synchronous across regions during the first 10 1/2 years of life. Thereafter, the(More)
Twenty-nine patients with unilateral cortical lesions were asked to localize simple auditory stimuli (the personal frame of reference) and to .bisect the space between two auditory stimuli (the extra-personal frame of reference). Results indicate that the displacement error scores of the right posterior group were consistently greater than those of all(More)
Fifteen adults with chronic low back pain (M = 4 years), age 18 to 43 years (M = 29 years), participated. All but one were moderately to highly hypnotizable (M = 7.87; modified 11-point Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale, Form C [Weitzenhoffer & Hilgard, 1962]), and significantly reduced pain perception following hypnotic analgesia instructions during(More)
Normal monkeys and monkeys with resection of anterior frontal or posterior parietal cortex were trained to press a panel next to a green panel as a test of extrapersonal spatial orientation and to press a panel next to their own prior press as a test of personal spatial orientation. All monkeys also learned two sets of sequence problems in which the(More)
The results of seven experiments that use monken are reported. Behavior is examined in modifications of the Yerkes or Wisconsin General Testing Apparatus and in operant conditioning situations. The focus of the studies is the effect on behavior of removal of the frontal eugranular isocortex; uiloperated controls and controls with the inferotemporal cortex(More)