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The modeling and simulation of a permanent magnet synchronous motor with direct torque control based on Matlab/Simulink
This paper introduces the modeling of the direct torque control (DTC) system of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on Matlab/Simulink. The process of the building simulation system is discussedExpand
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Method to improve total dose radiation hardness in a CMOS dc-dc boost converter
MOSFETs used in space are subject to exposure to natural radiation in space. Among the effects of ionizing radiation are shifts in threshold voltage and reduction of carrier mobility. In this paper,Expand
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A low voltage to high voltage level shifter in a low voltage, 0.25/spl mu/m PD SOI process
This paper describes a low voltage to high voltage logic level shifter that has been designed entirely in a low breakdown voltage process. Expand
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Flyback converter with voltage control mode on chip for portable applications
This paper introduces a compact, low power and submicron integrated DC-DC flyback converter designed for generating a constant desired output voltage. Expand
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Analysis and Testing of the Boost Converter Constructed with SOI LDMOSFET Switches: Effects of Various Inductor Types on Performance
An examination of the boost converter is presented in this paper beginning with discussion of fundamental components such as the LDMOSFET and the inductor. Following this is an expounding upon ofExpand
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Essentials of SOI technology for small power supply applications
The relationship between that of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology and ordinary CMOS is presented followed with an examination of the basic features of MOSFETs fabricated under the SOI process.Expand