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Comparative Dravidian phonology
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Problems of Identification and Classification of Some Nilagiri Tribes: Irulas-Uralis, Kattu Nayakas, Jenu Kurumbas, Solegas
Recherches recentes sur la classification ethnolinguistique des tribus Nilagiri (Monts Nilagiri), Tamil Nadu, Inde.
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The earliest account of the Tamil academies
Whenever Tamil literature is discussed from the historical perspective, the account of the "academies" is invoked, 1 often rather vaguely, even in a distorted manner, never in its complete version.Expand
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Lexicon Of Tamil Literature
Lexicon of Tamil Literature is a reference-dictionary of Tamil literature of South India from its early beginnings more than 2000 years ago until the present time (ca. 1980). It includes in the orderExpand
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Companion Studies to the History of Tamil Literature
There is a number of problems connected with the study and teaching of any Oriental literature in general and of Tamil literature specifically which have to date been mostly ignored, although theyExpand
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