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Low-cost sensing with ring oscillator arrays for healthier reconfigurable systems
Electronic systems on a chip increasingly suffer from component variation, voltage noise, thermal hotspots, and other subtle physical phenomena. Systems with reconfigurability have uniqueExpand
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On-line sensing for healthier FPGA systems
Electronic systems increasingly suffer from component variation, thermal hotspots, uneven wearout, and other subtle physical phenomena. Systems based on FPGAs have unique opportunities for adaptingExpand
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Sensing nanosecond-scale voltage attacks and natural transients in FPGAs
Voltage noise not only detracts from reliability and performance, but has been used to attack system security. Most systems are completely unaware of fluctuations occurring on nanosecond time scales.Expand
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Silent Data Corruption and Embedded Processing With NASA's SpaceCube
Dramatic increases in embedded data processing performance are becoming possible using platforms such as the NASA SpaceCube. With a flexible architecture and commercial devices, selected computationsExpand
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Applying Radiation Hardening by Software to Fast Lossless compression prediction on FPGAs
As scientists endeavor to learn more about the world's ecosystems, engineers are pushed to develop more sophisticated instruments. With these advancements comes an increase in the amount of dataExpand
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Experimental quantum annealing: case study involving the graph isomorphism problem
Quantum annealing is a proposed combinatorial optimization technique meant to exploit quantum mechanical effects such as tunneling and entanglement. Real-world quantum annealing-based solvers requireExpand
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A practical characterization of a NASA SpaceCube application through fault emulation and laser testing
Historically, space-based processing systems have lagged behind their terrestrial counterparts by several processor generations due, in part, to the cost and complexity of implementingExpand
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High-level vulnerability over space and time to insidious soft errors
  • K. Zick, J. Hayes
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International High Level Design Validation…
  • 8 December 2008
The integrity of computational results is being increasingly threatened by soft errors, especially for computations that are large-scale or performed under harsh conditions. Existing methods for softExpand
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On-line characterization and reconfiguration for single event upset variations
The amount of physical variation among electronic components on a die is increasing rapidly. There is a need for a better understanding of variations in transient fault susceptibility, and forExpand
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Exploring More-Coherent Quantum Annealing
  • S. Novikov, R. Hinkey, +6 authors K. Zick
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE International Conference on Rebooting…
  • 12 September 2018
In the quest to reboot computing, quantum annealing (QA) is an interesting candidate for a new capability. While it has not demonstrated an advantage over classical computing on a real-worldExpand
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