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Earliest domestication of common millet (Panicum miliaceum) in East Asia extended to 10,000 years ago
The origin of millet from Neolithic China has generally been accepted, but it remains unknown whether common millet (Panicum miliaceum) or foxtail millet (Setaria italica) was the first speciesExpand
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Early Mixed Farming of Millet and Rice 7800 Years Ago in the Middle Yellow River Region, China
The Peiligang Culture (9000-7000 cal. yr BP) in the Middle Yellow River region, North China, has long been considered representative of millet farming. It is still unclear, however, if broomcornExpand
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Environmental change since mid-Pleistocene re-corded in Shangshan achaeological site of Zhejiang
At about 173 ka BP of the late period of mid-Pleistocene, the second terrace of the river had been formed as a result of uplift happening in Shangshan area because of the climate, sea level changeExpand
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Paleosalinity in the Tianluoshan site and the correlation between the Hemudu culture and its environmental background
Paleosalinity records of the Tianluoshan site are derived from measurations data of clay mineral, boron, strontium, barium, after field sampling in three profiles of the Tianluoshan site. TheExpand
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The rare earth element compositions of sediments from the loess tableland in the Liyang Plain, southern China: implications for provenance and weathering intensity
To identify the weathering intensity and to deduce the provenance of sediments (black-brown soil and loess) from the loess tableland in the Liyang Plain is of great importance for understanding theExpand
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Transmutation of ancient settlements and environmental changes between 6000–2000 aBP in the Chaohu Lake Basin, East China
Based on the temporal-spatial distribution features of ancient settlement sites from the middle and late Neolithic Age to the Han dynasty in the Chaohu Lake Basin of Anhui Province, East China, usingExpand
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The Cultural Relics Distribution Characteristics Along the Canal Line and Appraisal of its Influence by the Middle Route Project for Water Transferring from South to North China
Assessments of the impacts of environmental hazards on ecological systems and human health have become a subject of ever-increasing importance. In this work, we extend current ecological hazardExpand
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Digital reconstruction on geographical environment of Neolithic human activities in the Lingjiatan site of Chaohu City, East China
The Chaohu Lake Basin is an important area for ancient human activities in East China. The Lingjiatan site, which is located at the southeast of Chaohu City, Anhui Province, and 35 km north to theExpand
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