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Bagrada Bug: A New Pest for Arizona Gardeners
The bagrada bug Bagrada hilaris (Burmeister) (aka painted bug) was fi rst found in California in June of 2008 and was offi cially identifi ed in Yuma Arizona in September of 2009 (Palumbo and Natwick
New Records, Distribution And Taxonomic Status Of Some Northern Arizona Caddisflies (Trichoptera)
A regional collection of caddisflies was made in north-central Arizona in spring, 1993, in conjunction with a study to determine the population status of the two presumed rare species Protoptila balmorhea Ross (Glossosomatidae) and Ochrotrichia (Metrichia) volada Blickle and Denning (Hydroptilidae).
Acartia arbruta (previously A. tonsa) in British Columbia: a bioindicator of climate-driven ecosystem variability in the northeast Pacific Ocean
Phylogenetic reconstruction of the genus Acartia using 768 mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) sequences collected worldwide demonstrates that NE Pacific A. tonsa is distinct from all conspecifics and congeners.