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Tunable dispersion slope compensator with a chirped fiber grating and a divided thin-film heater for 160-Gb/s RZ transmissions
We have developed the tunable dispersion slope compensator with a chirped fiber grating and a divided thin-film heater composed of 32 thin-film heaters for single-channel 160-Gb/s return-to-zero (RZ)Expand
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Design and Characteristics of Guardring-Free Planar AlInAs Avalanche Photodiodes
This paper reports a guardring-free planar AlInAs avalanche photodiode (APD) for optical fiber communications. AlInAs APDs can achieve a larger gain-bandwidth product (GBP) with lower excess noiseExpand
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Degradation Mode Analysis on Highly Reliable Guardring-Free Planar InAlAs Avalanche Photodiodes
This paper presents the high reliability of the guardring-free planar InAlAs avalanche photodiode (APD) and its degradation mode analysis. We have conducted long-term and high-temperature aging testsExpand
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Investigation of guardring-free planar AlInAs avalanche photodiodes
We analyze the operation principle and the characteristics of a guardring-free planar AlInAs avalanche photodiode (APD) by computational simulation and experimental results. The simple planarExpand
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Highly external optical feedback tolerant 1.49 μm single-mode lasers with partially corrugated gratings
A 1490 nm InGaAsP single-mode laser diode, with high endurance against external optical feedback, was realized utilizing an optimized partially corrugated grating and a window-mirror-structure. TheExpand
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Drivability Enhancement for AlGaN/GaN High-Electron Mobility Transistors with AlN Spacer Layer Using Si Ion Implantation Doping
Although a thin AlN spacer layer between the AlGaN barrier and GaN channel layers effectively increases electron mobility and sheet carrier concentration in a two-dimensional electron gas, the veryExpand
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Tunable dispersion equalizer with a divided thin-film heater for 40-Gb/s RZ transmissions
We have developed tunable dispersion equalizers with a chirped fiber grating on the divided thin-film heater. The divided thin-film heater took an important role in the control of dispersion andExpand
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Recent Advances in AlInAs Avalanche Photodiodes
We present practical planar AlInAs APDs, which have large gain-bandwidth products, low noise, and high reliability. The APD receivers had a sensitivity of -28.6 dBm at 10 Gb/s and -37.0 dBm at 2.5Expand
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Low noise photonic Millimeter-wave generation using an integrated reciprocating optical Modulator
We generated low-phase-noise millimeter waves by using a reciprocating optical modulator. A lightwave modulated by a 44-GHz millimeter wave was obtained from a microwave signal, with a phase noise ofExpand
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Automatically tracked dispersion compensation with penalty-free tunable dispersion equalizer for 40 Gbit/s systems
The automatic control of a tunable dispersion equalizer by means of a bit error monitor was demonstrated. The tunable dispersion equalizer developed consists of a chirped fiber grating and dividedExpand
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