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Phylogenetic inferences in Prunus (Rosaceae) using chloroplast ndhF and nuclear ribosomal ITS sequences
Both ITS and ndhF data sets suggest that the formerly recognized genus Pygeum is polyphyletic and that the distinction of the subgenera Padus and Laurocerasus is not supported, and the biogeographic interactions of the temperate and tropical members in the Padus/Laurocersasus/Maddenia alliance includingPygeum are shown to be highly dynamic and complex.
Phylogeny and Biogeography of Carpinus and Subfamily Coryloideae (Betulaceae)
  • K. Yoo, J. Wen
  • Environmental Science, Biology
    International Journal of Plant Sciences
  • 1 July 2002
The phylogenetic results indicate a generalized biogeographic track between southeastern Europe and eastern Asia and one clade of Ostrya in the ITS tree, although discordance is found in the morphological data concerning this biogeographical relationship.
Cyclotide Evolution: Insights from the Analyses of Their Precursor Sequences, Structures and Distribution in Violets (Viola)
This work provides the first insight into the evolution of this family of plant proteins by studying the Violaceae, in particular species of the genus Viola, using full precursor sequences from transcriptomes to show an evolutionary link to the structural diversity of the cyclotides.
Genetic diversity and structure of the endangered species Megaleranthis saniculifolia in Korea as revealed by allozyme and ISSR markers
The genetic diversity and structure of 12 populations of Megaleranthis saniculifolia, a rare endemic Korean plant, were analyzed using 14 allozyme loci coding 10 enzymes and 78 ISSR loci using seven primers and provided good evidence for genetic drift.
Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequences and Comparative Analysis of Chenopodium quinoa and C. album
The complete chloroplast genomes of these species were obtained by next generation sequencing and comparative analysis of the sequences and, using InDel markers, inferred phylogeny and genetic diversity of the Chenopodium genus.
Infrageneric relationships of Korean Viola based on eight chloroplast markers
The present results support the subsectional grouping based on morphological characteristics, although discordance remained at the series level.
Folk Plants in the Inland of Northern Area in Gangwon-do
This study was carried out to classify the folk plants in inland of northern region of Gangwon-do. According to the survey results from 35 places of 9 counties and cities from April to October, 2010,
Sesquiterpenes from the leaves of Ligularia fischeri var. spiciformis.
From the leaves of Ligularia fischeri var. spiciformis, a new eremophilanolide, 8 alpha-methoxy-6-oxoeremophil-7(11)-en-12,8-olide (6-oxoeremophilenolide) and a eudesmane-type sesquiterpene,
Environmental Characteristics of Exochorda serratifolia S.Moore Habitats
Correlation coefficients analysis based on environmental factors, vegetation, and soil analysis shows that the coverage of Exochorda serratifolia is correlated with field capacity and available phosphorus.