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Metamorphic evolution of garnet‐bearing ultramafic rocks from the Gongen area, Sanbagawa belt, Japan
Garnet‐bearing ultramafic rocks including clinopyroxenite, wehrlite and websterite locally crop out in the Higashi‐akaishi peridotite of the Besshi region in the Cretaceous Sanbagawa metamorphic
SHRIMP and electron microprobe chronology of UHT metamorphism in the Napier Complex, East Antarctica: implications for zircon growth at >1,000 °C
Zircons in ultra-high-temperature (UHT) metamorphosed paragneisses from Mt. Riiser-Larsen in the Napier Complex, East Antarctica, were dated by using ion microprobe (SHRIMP) and electron microprobe
Rengeite, Sr4ZrTi4Si4O22, a new mineral, the Sr-Zr analogue of perrierite from the Itoigawa-Ohmi district, Niigata Prefecture, central Japan
Abstract Rengeite, Sr4ZrTi4Si4O22, is a new member of the perrierite-chevkinite group found in the jades from the Itoigawa-Ohmi district, central Japan. It is monoclinic, P21/a, a = 13.97(1), b =