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The IASLC Lung Cancer Staging Project: Proposals for Revision of the TNM Stage Groupings in the Forthcoming (Eighth) Edition of the TNM Classification for Lung Cancer
ABSTRACT The IASLC Staging and Prognostic Factors Committee has collected a new database of 94,708 cases donated from 35 sources in 16 countries around the globe. This has now been analysed by ourExpand
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Beta-decay rates of highly ionized heavy atoms in stellar interiors
Abstract Beta-decay rates are computed for heavy nuclides (26 ⩽ Z ⩽ 83, 59 ⩽ A ⩽ 210) at stellar temperatures of 5 × 107 ⩽ T ⩽ 5 × 108 K and electron number densities of 1026 ⩽ ne ⩽ 3 × 1027 cm−3.Expand
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Japanese Lung Cancer Registry Study of 11,663 Surgical Cases in 2004: Demographic and Prognosis Changes Over Decade
Background: The Japan Lung Cancer Society, the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery, and the Japanese Respiratory Society jointly established the Japanese Joint Committee for Lung CancerExpand
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Long-term results and predictors of survival after surgical resection of patients with lung cancer and interstitial lung diseases.
OBJECTIVES Patients with interstitial lung diseases have a poor prognosis and are at increased risk of developing lung cancer. We evaluated the survival and predictors of survival after surgicalExpand
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Characteristics of subsolid pulmonary nodules showing growth during follow-up with CT scanning.
OBJECTIVE The positive results of a screening CT scan trial are likely to lead to an increase in the use of CT scanning, and, consequently, an increase in the detection of subsolid nodules.Expand
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Pulmonary metastases from uterine malignancies: results of surgical resection in 133 patients.
OBJECTIVE The long-term results of the surgical treatment for patients with pulmonary metastases from uterine malignancies were clarified. METHODS A total of 133 patients who underwent pulmonaryExpand
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Genomic profiling of malignant pleural mesothelioma with array‐based comparative genomic hybridization shows frequent non‐random chromosomal alteration regions including JUN amplification on 1p32
Genome‐wide array‐based comparative genomic hybridization analysis of malignant pleural mesotheliomas (MPM) was carried out to identify regions that display DNA copy number alterations. SeventeenExpand
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Proportion of ground-glass opacity on high-resolution computed tomography in clinical T1 N0 M0 adenocarcinoma of the lung: A predictor of lymph node metastasis.
OBJECTIVE In patients with clinical T1 N0 M0 lung adenocarcinoma, we investigated whether the proportion of ground-glass opacity area measured on high-resolution computed tomography was valuable forExpand
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Detection of brain metastasis in potentially operable non-small cell lung cancer: a comparison of CT and MRI.
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare the usefulness of MRI and CT in the detection of brain metastases during preoperative evaluation and postoperative follow-up. DESIGN A prospective and sequentialExpand
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Pathologic stage I non-small cell lung cancer with high levels of preoperative serum carcinoembryonic antigen: clinicopathologic characteristics and prognosis.
OBJECTIVE Surgery alone remains the standard therapy for patients with stage I non-small cell lung cancer. Although the preoperative serum level of carcinoembryonic antigen has been shown to be anExpand
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