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Lundurines A-D, cytotoxic indole alkaloids incorporating a cyclopropyl moiety from Kopsia tenuis and revision of the structures of tenuisines A-C
Abstract The leaf extract of the Borneo Kopsia, K. tenuis, provided several new indoles with a novel hexacyclic carbon skeleton, incorporating a cyclopropyl moiety. Two of these, displayedExpand
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Inhibitors of neutrophil recruitment identified using transgenic zebrafish to screen a natural product library
Cell migration is fundamental to the inflammatory response, but uncontrolled cell migration and excess recruitment of neutrophils and other leukocytes can cause damage to the tissue. Here we describeExpand
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10-Methoxydihydrofuscin, fuscinarin, and fuscin, novel antagonists of the human CCR5 receptor from Oidiodendron griseum.
Two new compounds, 10-methoxydihydrofuscin (1) and fuscinarin (2), and one known compound, fuscin (3), have been isolated from the soil fungus Oidiodendron griseum. These compounds were found toExpand
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Pauciflorines A and B, novel melanin biosynthesis inhibitors from Kopsia
Abstract Two new pentacyclic indoles viz., Pauciflorines A and B from Kopsia pauciflora were found to exhibit potent inhibitory activity on melanin biosynthesis of cultutred B-16 melanoma cells.
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Microsphaerins A-D, four novel benzophenone dimers with activity against MRSA from the fungus Microsphaeropsis sp
Bioassay-guided isolation using an MRSA whole cell assay yielded four novel benzophenone dimers, microsphaerins A-D (1-4), from two Singapore isolates of the soil anamorph Microsphaeropsis sp. TheExpand
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Tenuisines A - C and tenuiphylline, novel bisindoles from Kopsia tenuis
Abstract The EtOH extract of the leaves of Kopsia tenuis yielded the novel bisindole alkaloids, tenuisines A - C and tenuiphylline. The structures of the alkaloids were established by spectralExpand
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Tenuisines A, B and C, novel bisindoles with C2 symmetry from Kopsia tenuis
Abstract Three new dimeric indoles viz., Tenuisines A, B and C possessing a novel carbon framework with a C2 axis were isolated from Kopsia tenuis and their structures elucidated by spectral analysis.
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Angustimaline, an unusual nitrogenous compound from Alstonia angustifolia
Abstract An unusual nitrogenous compound probably derived from a macroline-type precursor was obtained from the stem-extract of Alstonia angustifolia .
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