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The assessment of lichens as bioindicator of heavy metal pollution from motor vehicles activites
The contamination of heavy metals released by traffic activities on roadside soils and crops are important problems in developed and developing countries for decades. An assessment of the extent ofExpand
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Additional Lichen Records from Rize Province
One hundred and fourteen species and 2 varieties, which belong to the 29 families in Ascomycotina, are reported from Caml›hemflin county, Rize province. Seventy-eight species and 1 variety are newExpand
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Heavy Metals in Lichens from Roadsides and an Industrial Zone in Trabzon, Turkey
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Lichen flora of the Murgul district, Artvin, Turkey
This study was carried out in the province of Artvin, district of Murgul. A total of 94 species in 41 genera belonging to Ascomycetes were found, two of which are varieties and three are subspecies.Expand
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Lichens from the regions of Guemueshane, Erzincan and Bayburt (Turkey)
A contribution to the lichen flora of Turkey is provided. A total of 206 taxa, of which 2 are subspecies and 4 are variety, from 102 different stations in the Turkish provinces of Gumushane, ErzincanExpand
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Lichens from the Batman, Mardin, Osmaniye, and Sivas regions of Turkey
A total of 205 lichen taxa (198 species, 2 subspecies, 4 varieties and 1 forma) and one lichenicolous fungus were identified from 25 different localities in Batman, Mardin, Osmaniye and Sivas regionsExpand
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Lichens from Antalya, Cankiri, Konya and Nevsehir Provinces (Turkey).
A contribution to the lichen flora of Turkey is performed. A total of 171 lichen taxa (including 2 subspecies and 2 varieties) and 1 lichenicolous fungus are determined from 14 localities in Antalya,Expand
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