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DS-CUDA: A Middleware to Use Many GPUs in the Cloud Environment
GPGPU (General-purpose computing on graphics processing units) has several difficulties when used in cloud environment, such as narrow bandwidth, higher cost, and lower security, compared withExpand
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Coexistence and transition between Cassie and Wenzel state on pillared hydrophobic surface
Water droplets on rugged hydrophobic surfaces typically exhibit one of the following two states: (i) the Wenzel state [Wenzel RN (1936) Ind Eng Chem 28:988–994] in which water droplets are in fullExpand
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Fast multipole methods on a cluster of GPUs for the meshless simulation of turbulence
Recent advances in the parallelizability of fast N-body algorithms, and the programmability of graphics processing units (GPUs) have opened a new path for particle based simulations. For theExpand
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Molecular dynamics computer simulation was carried out to investigate the dynamics of vapor phase homogeneous nucleation at the triple point temperature under supersaturation ratio 6.8 for aExpand
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Molecular mechanisms of how mercury inhibits water permeation through aquaporin-1: understanding by molecular dynamics simulation.
Aquaporin (AQP) functions as a water-conducting pore. Mercury inhibits the water permeation through AQP. Although site-directed mutagenesis has shown that mercury binds to Cys189 during theExpand
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42 TFlops hierarchical N-body simulations on GPUs with applications in both astrophysics and turbulence
As an entry for the 2009 Gordon Bell price/performance prize, we present the results of two different hierarchical N-body simulations on a cluster of 256 graphics processing units (GPUs). Unlike manyExpand
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Molecular dynamics of homogeneous nucleation in the vapor phase. II. Water
Homogeneous nucleation process in the vapor phase of water is investigated with a molecular dynamics computer simulation at 350 K under supersaturation ratio 7.3. Using a method similar toExpand
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Water proton configurations in structures I, II, and H clathrate hydrate unit cells.
Position and orientation of water protons need to be specified when the molecular simulation studies are performed for clathrate hydrates. Positions of oxygen atoms in water are experimentallyExpand
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Extended study of molecular dynamics simulation of homogeneous vapor-liquid nucleation of water.
Using the simple point charge/extended water model, we performed molecular dynamics simulations of homogeneous vapor-liquid nucleation at various values of temperature T and supersaturation S, fromExpand
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Statistical study of clathrate-hydrate nucleation in a water/hydrochlorofluorocarbon system: Search for the nature of the memory effect
This paper describes an experimental study on the statistical nature of clathrate-hydrate nucleation in a quiescent hydrochlorofluorocarbon-in-water system in which a hydrate was once formed and thenExpand
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