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Effect of pre-existing shear bands on the tensile mechanical properties of a bulk metallic glass
Abstract Bulk Zr64.13Cu15.75Ni10.12Al10 metallic glass has been rolled at room temperature in two different directions, and the dependences of microstructure and tensile mechanical property on theExpand
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Contribution of grain boundary related strain accommodation to deformation of ultrafine-grained palladium
Ultrafine-grained Pd specimens with a mean grain size of 130 nm were compressed by 10% in a scanning electron microscope and the strain-induced change in orientations of grains was measured byExpand
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The effects of surfactants on the heterogeneous uptake of sulfur dioxide on hematite
Abstract Surfactants are often found to be associated with atmospheric particles. They can change the physicochemical properties of these particles, and thereby impact their chemical reactivity.Expand
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Size-resolved chemical composition analysis of ions produced by a commercial soft X-ray aerosol neutralizer
Abstract Electrical mobility and mass of atmospheric ions are of great importance, since both properties jointly determine their charging states. In this work, different carrier gases of bottle N2,Expand
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Initiation and evolution of shear bands in bulk metallic glass under tension—An in situ scanning electron microscopy observation
The initiation and evolution of shear bands in Zr64.13Cu15.75Ni10.12Al10 bulk metallic glass tensile samples has been investigated in situ by scanning electron microscopy. The initial shear bandExpand
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Design and measurement of a single-dual-band tunable metamaterial absorber in the terahertz band
Abstract In this paper, a single-band tunable metamaterial absorber with metal disk array is verified in Terahertz (THz) range. An absorption peak Is achieved based on local surface plasmon (LSP)Expand
Characteristics of air pollution episodes influenced by biomass burning pollution in Shanghai, China
Abstract In the atmosphere, biomass burning can interact with other pollution sources and thereby aggravate air pollution. However, its influences on the occurrence and development of air pollutionExpand
The Door Is Closed, but Not Locked: China's VPN Policy
This paper attempts to explain why China still allow some people to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to bypass China’s heavily guarded Internet content censorship system, despite the assumptionExpand
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Aqueous phase oxidation of bisulfite influenced by nitrate photolysis
Abstract. Nitrate aerosol is ubiquitous in the atmosphere, and it can exit in both solid aerosol particles and fog and cloud droplets. Nitrate in the aqueous and particulate phase can undergoExpand