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Dynamic and Thermodynamic Characteristics of Atmospheric Response to Anomalous Sea-Ice Extent in the Sea of Okhotsk
Abstract Influence of sea-ice extent anomalies within the Sea of Okhotsk on the large-scale atmospheric circulation is investigated through an analysis of the dynamic and thermodynamicExpand
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Seasonal and QBO variations of ascent rate in the tropical lower stratosphere as inferred from UARS HALOE trace gas data
� 0.2 mm s � 1 in the 20–60 hPa layer. The latitudinal structure is characterized by an early appearance of a subtropical summer maximum of the ascent rate and by double peaks at 10–15� N and SExpand
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The summertime annular mode in the Northern Hemisphere and its linkage to the winter mode
[1] The seasonal variations of the Northern Hemisphere annular mode (NAM) are investigated through empirical orthogonal function analysis of the zonally averaged geopotential height fields for eachExpand
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Impact of the wintertime North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) on the summertime atmospheric circulation
[1] Using the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis dataset and other observations, we show that the summer high-latitude climate in the Northern Hemisphere is influenced by the NAO of the previous winter. We findExpand
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Four years' observations of terrestrial lipid class compounds in marine aerosols from the western North Pacific
[1] In order to understand the long-range atmospheric transport of terrestrial organic matter over the open ocean, marine aerosol samples were collected on a biweekly basis from 1990 to 1993 in aExpand
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Downward propagation of upper stratospheric mean zonal wind perturbation to the troposphere
An investigation is conducted to determine the influence of changes in the upper stratospheric mean zonal wind on the circulation of the lower atmosphere. In addition to observed data, results ofExpand
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Influence of Okhotsk sea‐ice extent on atmospheric circulation
An atmospheric general circulation model was used to investigate the influence of Okhotsk sea ice on large-scale atmospheric circulation. Significant differences in the model responses between heavyExpand
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Seasonal variation and origins of dicarboxylic acids in the marine atmosphere over the western North Pacific
[1] Concentrations of homologous (C2–C11) dicarboxylic acids were measured in the atmosphere over Chichi-jima Island (27°04′N, 142°13′E), western North Pacific, from April 1990 to November 1993. TheExpand
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A negative phase shift of the winter AO/NAO due to the recent Arctic sea‐ice reduction in late autumn
This paper examines the possible linkage between the recent reduction in Arctic sea-ice extent and the wintertime Arctic Oscillation (AO)/North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). Observational analysesExpand
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