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Studies on the constituents of Scutellaria species (XXI): constituents of the leaves of Scutellaria strigillosa Hemsley
From the leaves of Scutellaria strigillosa, 14 compounds, chrysin, apigenin, 5,7,2′-trihydroxyflavone, norwogonin, ursolic acid, 6β-hydroxy-4-stigmasten-3-one, 6β-hydroxy-4,22-stigmastadien-3-one, 2
Insulin signaling in adipocytes differentiated from mouse stromal MC3T3-G2/PA6 cells.
The results suggest that the insulin signal for adipogenesis (lipogenesis) and lipolysis in bone marrow stroma PA6 cells differs from extramedullary adipocytes, such as 3T3-L1 cells.
Studies on the constituents of the leaves of Conandron ramondioides
Conandron ramondioides Sieb. et Zucc. is a perennial herb of the family Gesneriaceae, which is distributed from southeastern China to the Tohoku district in Japan. In Japan, the plant is called