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Underactuated ship tracking control: Theory and experiments
We consider complete state tracking feedback control of a ship having two controls, namely surge force and yaw moment. The ship model has similarities with chained form systems but cannot directly beExpand
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Line-of-Sight Path Following for Dubins Paths With Adaptive Sideslip Compensation of Drift Forces
We present a nonlinear adaptive path following controller that compensates for drift forces through vehicle sideslip. Vehicle sideslip arises during path following when the vehicle is subject toExpand
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Tracking control of an underactuated ship
In this paper, we address the tracking problem for an underactuated ship using two controls, namely surge force and yaw moment. A simple state-feedback control law is developed and proved to renderExpand
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Way-point tracking control of ships
The paper considers way-point tracking control of ships using yaw torque control. A full state feedback control law is developed using a cascaded approach, and proved to globally asymptoticallyExpand
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Integral LOS control for path following of underactuated marine surface vessels in the presence of constant ocean currents
In this paper, we consider the development of a control strategy for path following of underactuated marine surface vessels in the presence of ocean currents. The proposed control strategy is basedExpand
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Snake Robots: Modelling, Mechatronics, and Control
Snake Robots is a novel treatment of theoretical and practical topics related to snake robots: robotic mechanisms designed to move like biological snakes and able to operate in challengingExpand
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Exponential stabilization of an underactuated surface vessel
The paper shows that a large class of underactuated vehicles cannot be asymptotically stabilized by either continuous nor discontinuous state feedback. Furthermore, stabilization of an underactuatedExpand
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Straight Line Path Following for Formations of Underactuated Marine Surface Vessels
The problem of formation control and path following for underactuated 3-degrees-of-freedom (3-DOF) marine surface vessels is considered. The proposed decentralized controller makes the vesselsExpand
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Integral Line-of-Sight Guidance and Control of Underactuated Marine Vehicles: Theory, Simulations, and Experiments
This paper presents an extensive analysis of the integral line-of-sight (ILOS) guidance method for path-following tasks of underactuated marine vehicles, operating on and below the sea surface. It isExpand
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Path Following Control of Planar Snake Robots Using a Cascaded Approach
This paper considers path following control of snake robots along straight paths. Under the assumption that the forward velocity of the snake robot is nonzero and positive, we prove that the proposedExpand
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