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Product Design: Techniques in Reverse Engineering and New Product Development
1. Journeys in Product Development. 2. Product Development Process Tools. 3. Scoping Product Developments: Technical and Business Concerns. 4. Understanding Customer Needs. 5. Establishing ProductExpand
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A functional basis for engineering design: Reconciling and evolving previous efforts
We reconcile and integrate two independent research efforts into a significantly evolved functional basis. Expand
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Development of a Functional Basis for Design
Functional models represent a form independent blueprint of a product. As with any blueprint or schematic, a consistent language or coding system is required to ensure others can read it. This paperExpand
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A heuristic method for identifying modules for product architectures
We describe a new approach for identifying modules for product architectures using functional decomposition and heuristic methods. Expand
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Product Evolution: A Reverse Engineering and Redesign Methodology
Abstract:New products drive business. To remain competitive, industry is continually searching for new methods to evolve their products. To address this need, we introduce a new reverse engineeringExpand
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A Study of Design Fixation, Its Mitigation and Perception in Engineering Design Faculty
The bridge between engineering design and cognitive science research is critical to understand the effectiveness of design methods as implemented by human designers. The study reported in this paperExpand
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An Experimental Study of Group Idea Generation Techniques: Understanding the Roles of Idea Representation and Viewing Methods
This study systematically investigates the underlying factors of four common and well-documented techniques: brainsketching, gallery, 6-3-5, and C-sketch. Expand
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Computer-Based Design Synthesis Research: An Overview
This paper reviews advances in function-based, grammar, and analogy-based synthesis approaches and their contributions to computational design synthesis research in the last decade. Expand
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Innovations in Design Through Transformation: A Fundamental Study of Transformation Principles
The act of creating a new product, system, or process is an innovation; the result of excogitation, study and experimentation. It is an inductive and/or deductive process. The inductive processExpand
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“Collaborating To Success”: An Experimental Study of Group Idea Generation Techniques
Numerous concept generation methods have been developed that can assist an engineer in the initial phases of design. Unfortunately, limited empirical data is available to guide users in selectingExpand
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