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Simulated annealing based economic dispatch algorithm
This paper develops an economic dispatch algorithm for the determination of the global or near global optimum dispatch solution. The algorithm is based on the simulated annealing technique. In theExpand
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Genetic and genetic/simulated-annealing approaches to economic dispatch
The paper first develops and presents the implementation of basic and incremental genetic-algorithm approaches for the determination of the global or near-global optimum solution for the economicExpand
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Division algorithm and interconnection strategy of restoration subsystems based on complex network theory
Reasonably dividing restoration subsystems is an essential step for speeding up the restoration procedure with the widely employed bottom-up restoration strategy. A new method based on the communityExpand
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Short-term hydrothermal scheduling part. I. Simulated annealing approach
The paper develops a short-term hydrothermal scheduling algorithm based on the simulated annealing technique. In the algorithm, the power balance constraint, total water discharge constraint,Expand
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Speed-up the computing efficiency of power system simulator for engineering-based power system transient stability simulations
Power system simulator for engineering (PSS/E) has gained great success in power energy industry for its powerful simulation and analysis functions. Along with market deregulation, power systemExpand
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Advanced constrained genetic algorithm load flow method
An efficient and reliable constrained genetic algorithm based load flow algorithm is developed that can detemine multiple load flow solutions and can be used to determine the loadability limits of transmission systems. Expand
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Thermal generator scheduling using hybrid genetic/simulated-annealing approach
A hybrid genetic/simulated annealing approach is established for solving the thermal generator scheduling problem. It develops a method for encoding generator schedules in the hybrid approach. TheExpand
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Solving the economic dispatch problem with an integrated parallel genetic algorithm
The application of an integrated parallel genetic algorithm incorporating simulated annealing (SA) and tabu search (TS) techniques to the economic dispatch (ED) problem is reported in this paper. Expand
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Voltage stability constrained optimal dispatch in deregulated power systems
Voltage stability is a challenging problem for independent system operators because of less regulation in power flow patterns and more intensive use of available transmission facilities inExpand
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Power system dynamic load identification and stability
Proper power system load models are playing more important roles in power system stability analysis in today's stressed power systems. Different load models may cause a large difference in stabilityExpand
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