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A chaos-based symmetric image encryption scheme using a bit-level permutation
In recent years, a variety of chaos-based digital image encryption algorithms have been suggested. Most of these algorithms implement permutations and diffusions at the pixel level by considering theExpand
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A Fast Image Encryption Scheme based on Chaotic Standard Map
In recent years, a variety of effective chaos-based image cryptosystems have been proposed. One of the architectures of this kind of cryptosystems is composed of multiple rounds of substitution andExpand
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A novel block cryptosystem based on iterating a chaotic map
A block cryptographic scheme based on iterating a chaotic map is proposed. With random binary sequences generated from the real-valued chaotic map, the plaintext block is permuted by a key-dependentExpand
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A new chaos-based fast image encryption algorithm
In recent years, various image encryption algorithms based on the permutation-diffusion architecture have been proposed where, however, permutation and diffusion are considered as two separateExpand
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Novel robust stability criteria for interval-delayed Hopfield neural networks
In this paper, some novel criteria for the global robust stability of a class of interval Hopfield neural networks with constant delays are given. Based on several new Lyapunov functionals,Expand
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Criteria for exponential stability of Cohen-Grossberg neural networks
In this paper, the Cohen-Grossberg neural network models without and with time delays are considered. By constructing several novel Lyapunov functionals, some sufficient criteria for the existence ofExpand
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A chaos-based image encryption algorithm with variable control parameters
In recent years, a number of image encryption algorithms based on the permutation–diffusion structure have been proposed. However, the control parameters used in the permutation stage are usuallyExpand
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A combined chaotic cryptographic and hashing scheme
Recently, we have proposed a fast chaotic cryptographic scheme based on iterating a logistic map with the look-up table updated dynamically. We found that after the whole encryption process, theExpand
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One-way hash function construction based on 2D coupled map lattices
An algorithm for constructing one-way hash function based on spatiotemporal chaos is proposed. A two-dimensional coupled map lattices (2D CML) with parameters leading to the largest Lyapunov exponentExpand
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Cryptanalysis and improvement on a block cryptosystem based on iteration a chaotic map
Recently, a novel block encryption system has been proposed as an improved version of the chaotic cryptographic method based on iterating a chaotic map. In this Letter, a flaw of this cryptosystem isExpand
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