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A Green Hydrothermal Approach for the preparation of graphene/α-MnO2 3D network as anode for lithium ion battery
Abstract Graphene/α-MnO 2 nanocomposites (GMC) with high performance as anode material were synthesized by a facile green procedure, in which we reduced graphene from graphene oxide and prepared theExpand
Blocking reactions between indium-tin oxide and poly (3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene):poly(styrene sulphonate) with a self-assembly monolayer
In the fabrication of polymeric electroluminescent devices with indium-tin oxide (ITO) as anode, indium contamination of the polymers can greatly degrade the device performance. In the present study,Expand
Ultralow-Power Alcohol Vapor Sensors Using Chemically Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
Alcohol sensors, batch fabricated by forming bundles of chemically functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes (f-CNTs) across Au electrodes on SiO2/Si substrates using an AC electrophoreticExpand
Effects of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes on the discharge performance of Li-air batteries
Abstract Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes (N-CNTs) were synthesized using a floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition method and characterized by scanning electronExpand
Resolving the dilemma of gaining conductivity but losing environmental friendliness in producing polystyrene/graphene composites via optimizing the matrix-filler structure
In this work, we report a new approach to resolve a practical problem in producing conductive polystyrene/reduced-graphene-oxide (PS/RGO) composites, i.e. the dilemma that raising the conductivityExpand
Field-emission characteristics of SiC nanowires prepared by chemical-vapor deposition
Silicon carbide (SiC) nanowires on a silicon substrate were prepared using hot-filament-assisted chemical-vapor deposition with a solid silicon and carbon source. The SiC nanowires show goodExpand
Silver-nanoparticles-loaded chitosan foam as a flexible SERS substrate for active collecting analytes from both solid surface and solution.
A dual-use surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate based on a flexible three-dimensional chitosan foam, onto which silver nanoparticles are firmly immobilized through amino groups from chitOSan chains is reported, which may find great opportunity in realistic sensing applications. Expand
Electrospinning highly aligned long polymer nanofibers on large scale by using a tip collector
The authors developed a very simple alignment technique by which highly aligned polymer nanofibers of length >25cm were electrospun over a lateral range as large as 63cm. This technique is based on aExpand
Electrochemical Synthesis of Nanostructured Palladium of Different Morphology Directly on Gold Substrate through a Cyclic Deposition/Dissolution Route
Uniform nanostructured palladium (Pd) has been successfully electrodeposited directly on gold substrate through a facile template-free approach, which involved a cyclic electrochemicalExpand
Unusual kinematics-driven chemistry: cleaving C-H but not COO-H bonds with hyperthermal protons to synthesize tailor-made molecular films.
It is shown that it is possible to break C-H bonds without breaking COO-H and other bonds, in the production of cross-linked molecular layers with any desirable COOH concentration and with no ester nor other chemical contaminations. Expand