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Diversity in stomatal function is integral to modelling plant carbon and water fluxes
This study of temperate tree species reveals significant interspecific variation in stomatal function that can be accounted for to make models more accurate and suggests an approach for reducing modelling error across a wide range of ecological and agricultural applications.
Temperate agroforestry research: considering multifunctional woody polycultures and the design of long-term field trials
Abstract The many benefits of agroforestry are well-documented, from ecological functions such as biodiversity conservation and water quality improvement, to cultural functions including aesthetic
Hi-sAFe: A 3D Agroforestry Model for Integrating Dynamic Tree–Crop Interactions
Agroforestry, the intentional integration of trees with crops and/or livestock, can lead to multiple economic and ecological benefits compared to trees and crops/livestock grown separately. Field
Black walnut alley cropping is economically competitive with row crops in the Midwest USA.
  • K. Wolz, E. DeLucia
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  • 14 December 2018
Contrary to the common assumption that woody agricultural alternatives should first be adopted in marginal row crop areas, the economic competitiveness of PF and AC was not correlated with MSR productivity, underscoring a necessary shift away from the current MSR-centric perspective.
The Simons Observatory: Galactic Science Goals and Forecasts
Observing in six frequency bands from 27 to 280 GHz over a large sky area, the Simons Observatory (SO) is poised to address many questions in Galactic astrophysics in addition to its principal
Frontiers in alley cropping: Transformative solutions for temperate agriculture
This work proposes two frontiers in temperate AC that expand this scope and could transform its climate-related benefits: diversification via woody polyculture and expanded use of tree crops for food and fodder.
Alley Cropping Mitigates the Impacts of Climate Change on a Wheat Crop in a Mediterranean Environment: A Biophysical Model-Based Assessment
Introduction: Climate change (CC) and the increased occurrence of extreme climatic events pose a serious threat to crop yields and their stability worldwide. This study analyzed the CC mitigation
Effects of shrub crop interplanting on apple pest ecology in a temperate agroforestry system
Pest control by wild arthropods is an important ecosystem service in fruit crops, especially due to markets that value minimal pesticide use. Techniques to augment on-farm habitat for wild arthropods