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The Career Decisions of Young Men
This paper provides structural estimates of a dynamic model of schooling, work, and occupational choice decisions based on 11 years of observations on a sample of young men from the 1979 youth cohortExpand
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On the Specification and Estimation of the Production Function for Cognitive Achievement
This paper considers methods for modelling the production function for cognitive achievement in a way that captures theoretical notions that child development is a cumulative process depending on theExpand
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The Effect of Parental Transfers and Borrowing Constraints On Educational Attainment
A strong positive association between one's school attainment and that of one's parents has been consistently documented in numerous empirical studies. The underlying cause of this intergenerationalExpand
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Credit Market Constraints, Consumption Smoothing, and the Accumulation of Durable Production Assets in Low-Income Countries: Investments in Bullocks in India
In this paper we formulate and estimate a finite-horizon, structural dynamic model of agricultural investment behavior that incorporates the major features of low-income agricultural environments:Expand
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Testing the quantity-quality fertility model: the use of twins as a natural experiment.
The predictive content of the quantity-quality model of fertility and the empirical information required for verification under a minimal set of restrictions on the utility function is described.Expand
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Dynamic Labour Force Participation of Married Women and Endogenous Work Experience
This paper presents and estimates a dynamic model of married women's labour force participation and fertility in which the effect of work experience on wages is explicitly taken into account. BecauseExpand
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Why Youths Drop out of High School: The Impact of Preferences
An oiler assembly is disclosed for feeding a relatively precise and consistent lubrication. The assembly includes a supply of the lubricant and a flow line placing the supply in communication withExpand
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Natural "Natural Experiments" in Economics
The recent literature exploiting natural events as "natural experiment" instruments is reviewed to assess to what extent it has advanced empirical knowledge. A weakness of the studies that adopt thisExpand
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Assessing the Impact of a School Subsidy Program in Mexico: Using a Social Experiment to Validate a Dynamic Behavioral Model of Child Schooling and Fertility.
  • P. Todd, K. Wolpin
  • Medicine, Economics
  • The American economic review
  • 1 November 2006
This paper uses data from a randomized social experiment in Mexico to estimate and validate a dynamic behavioral model of parental decisions about fertility and child schooling, to evaluate theExpand
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Intersectoral Labor Mobility and the Growth of the Service Sector
One of the most striking changes in the U.S. economy over the past 50 years has been the growth in the service sector. In 1950, 57 percent of workers were employed in the service sector, by 1970 thatExpand
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