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Mechanisms of Gamma Oscillations in the Hippocampus of the Behaving Rat
Gamma frequency oscillations (30-100 Hz) have been suggested to underlie various cognitive and motor functions. Here, we examine the generation of gamma oscillation currents in the hippocampus, usingExpand
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Wireless implantable microsystems: high-density electronic interfaces to the nervous system
This paper describes the development of a high-density electronic interface to the central nervous system. Expand
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An Implantable 64-Channel Wireless Microsystem for Single-Unit Neural Recording
This paper reports an implantable microsystem capable of recording neural activity simultaneously on 64 channels, wirelessly transmitting spike occurrences to an external interface. Expand
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A cubic-millimeter energy-autonomous wireless intraocular pressure monitor
Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness, affecting 67 million people worldwide. Expand
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Single-unit neural recording with active microelectrode arrays
  • Q. Bai, K. Wise
  • Materials Science, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
  • 1 August 2001
Discusses the single-unit recording characteristics of microelectrode arrays containing on-chip signal processing circuitry. Expand
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An implantable CMOS circuit interface for multiplexed microelectrode recording arrays
A second-generation multichannel probe designed for measuring single-unit activity in neural structures is described. Expand
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Massively parallel recording of unit and local field potentials with silicon-based electrodes.
Parallel recording of neuronal activity in the behaving animal is a prerequisite for our understanding of neuronal representation and storage of information. Here we describe the development ofExpand
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A high-yield IC-compatible multichannel recording array
This paper reports the development of a multielectrode recording array for use in studies of information processing in the central nervous system and in the closed-loop control of neural prostheses.Expand
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An implantable multielectrode array with on-chip signal processing
This active probe can be used for the long-term recording of extracellular neural biopotentials and as a basis for closed-loop neural prostheses. Expand
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Monolithically Integrated μLEDs on Silicon Neural Probes for High-Resolution Optogenetic Studies in Behaving Animals
We report a scalable method to monolithically integrate microscopic light emitting diodes (μLEDs) and recording sites onto silicon neural probes for optogenetic applications in neuroscience. EachExpand
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