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Spatial conservation prioritization: Quantitative methods and computational tools
Habitat loss and deterioration, climate change, and economic pressures for resource extraction have all led to a global loss of biodiversity. The limited resources available for conservation need toExpand
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Conservation planning in a changing world.
Conservation planning is the process of locating, configuring, implementing and maintaining areas that are managed to promote the persistence of biodiversity and other natural values. ConservationExpand
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Regional patterns of agricultural land use and deforestation in Colombia
An expanding human population and associated demands for goods and services continues to exert an increasing pressure on ecological systems. Although the rate of expansion of agricultural lands hasExpand
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Tradeoffs of different types of species occurrence data for use in systematic conservation planning.
Data on the occurrence of species are widely used to inform the design of reserve networks. Expand
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Is conservation triage just smart decision making?
Conservation efforts and emergency medicine face comparable problems: how to use scarce resources wisely to conserve valuable assets. In both fields, the process of prioritising actions is known asExpand
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Biodiversity conservation planning tools
This chapter reviews both the concepts and technical choices that underlie the development of various software tools for conservation planning, and we evaluate the suitability of different algorithms for their solution. Expand
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Prioritizing global conservation efforts
We formulate how to allocate optimally conservation resources between regions identified as priorities for conservation—the conservation resource allocation problem. Expand
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Maximizing return on investment in conservation
Abstract Global conservation needs far exceed the available resources, so scarce resources must be used cost-effectively. Although many conservation priory-setting frameworks used by NGO’s or publicExpand
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Conserving Biodiversity Efficiently: What to Do, Where, and When
Conservation priority-setting schemes have not yet combined geographic priorities with a framework that can guide the allocation of funds among alternate conservation actions that address specificExpand
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