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Virtual reality: feasibility of implementation in a regional burn center.
OBJECTIVE Burn care providers continue to search for non-pharmacologic adjuncts for pain control. Virtual reality (VR) has been shown to be a useful adjunct by reducing pain during burn care andExpand
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The iconicity of embodied meaning. Polysemy of spatial prepositions in the cognitive framework
Abstract This paper examines the concept of polysemy which serves as the basis of the ‘principled polysemy model’ of spatial prepositions proposed by A. Tyler and V. Evans in a number of recentExpand
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Fred or farīd, bacon or bayḍun (‘egg’)? Proper Names and Cultural-specific Items in the Arabic Translation of Harry Potter
This paper investigates the transfer of proper names and references to food in the Arabic translation of the first three Harry Potter volumes. The focus of the study is twofold: (1) What is theExpand
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Alternating constructions with ditransitive 'geben' in present-day German
This paper reports on a corpus-based investigation of the verb geben in two alternating ditransitive constructions in present-day German with the Recipient either coded in the dative case (the indirect object construction, abbreviated: IOC) or by means of the PP an + accusative case. Expand
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Constructional variation with two near-synonymous verbs: the case of schicken and senden in present-day German
This article reports on the results of a corpus-based study of alternating ditransitive argument structures comprising an agent -like, a theme -like and a recipient -like argument in combination with schicken and senden in present-day German. Expand
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The semantics of variable case marking (Accusative/Dative) after two-way prepositions in German locative constructions. Towards a constructionist approach
Researchers have long debated the meanings of morphological cases, as markers of core arguments as well as adjunct phrases. However, the proposed semantic paraphrases have traditionally mainly reliedExpand
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George Kingsley Zipf
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New perspectives on historical linguistics.
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