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Bose-Einstein Condensation of Microcavity Polaritons in a Trap
Polaritons are created in a harmonic potential trap analogous to atoms in optical traps and observe a number of signatures of Bose-Einstein condensation: spectral and spatial narrowing, a peak at zero momentum in the momentum distribution, first-order coherence, and spontaneous linear polarization of the light emission.
Fractional quantum Hall effect of composite fermions.
These sequences of fractions do not fit into the standard series of integral quantum Hall effects of composite fermions (CF) at nu = p/(2mp +/- 1), but can be regarded as the FQHE of CFs attesting to residual interactions between these composite particles.
Distinct signatures for Coulomb blockade and Aharonov-Bohm interference in electronic Fabry-Perot interferometers
Two distinct types of magnetoresistance oscillations are observed in two electronic Fabry-Perot interferometers of different sizes in the integer quantum Hall regime. Measuring these oscillations as
Evidence for a new dissipationless effect in 2D electronic transport.
These findings are likely indicative of a collective ground state previously unknown for 2DES, characterized by an exponentially vanishing low-temperature diagonal resistance and a classical Hall resistance.
Quasi-Particle Properties from Tunneling in the v = 5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall State
It is shown that bias-dependent tunneling across a narrow constriction at the FQH state shows results consistent with those predicted by certain models of thebatchmode, and the further prediction that the wave function can encode the interchange of two quasi-particles makes this state relevant for topological quantum computing.
Resonantly enhanced tunneling in a double layer quantum hall ferromagnet.
The tunneling conductance between two parallel 2D electron systems has been measured in a regime of strong interlayer Coulomb correlations and a huge resonant enhancement replaces the strongly suppressed equilibrium tunneling characteristic of weakly coupled layers.
Collection-mode near-field imaging with 0.5-THz pulses
High spatial resolution imaging with terahertz pulses is implemented with a novel collection-mode near-field probe. The spatial resolution capabilities of the system are in the range of few
Terahertz near-field microscopy based on a collection mode detector
We report on the development of a collection mode near-field probe for the terahertz spectral range. The near-field detector is based on an aperture type probe with dimensions of 30×30 μm2. The
Nonconventional odd-denominator fractional quantum Hall states in the second Landau level.
The model of noninteracting composite fermions can explain the magnitude of gaps of the prominent 2+1/3 and 2+2/3 states, but the same model fails, however, to account for the gap of the 2-2/5 and the newly observed 2+6/13 states suggesting that these two states are of exotic origin.