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How to perform a skin biopsy
Biopsy of the skin is a simple skill to learn which can greatly help with the diagnosis of dermatological diseases, and an understanding of the different types of biopsy, their indications and limitations is vital. Expand
The Microbiome in Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A Review
Examining the cutaneous and gut microbiome in HS, and its relationship with documented co-morbidities, and metagenomics-focused studies may help identify the relationship between microorganisms and host, and this may shed light on new pathways of disease pathogenesis. Expand
Extra‐pulmonary tuberculosis mimicking appendicitis
This case highlights the diagnostic difficulties associated with appendicitis in young females and emphasizes the need for clinical vigilance, and recommends routine pelvic examination in female laparoscopic appendicectomies to facilitate the early identification of synchronous gynaecological issues. Expand
Secondary Syphilis with Eosinophilia Complicated by Severe Jarisch–Herxheimer Reaction
A case of a young man who presented with fever, rash, and eosinophilia following the commencement of allopurinol only to be diagnosed with secondary syphilis on histopathology, likely secondary to a Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction. Expand
Histiocytoid Sweet syndrome
A 48yearold man presented with a 3day history of a rapidly progressing painful and pruritic cutaneous eruption and fever, and had used methamphetamine a week before the eruption, which demonstrated subepidermal oedema and a dense dermal infiltrate consistent with histiocytoid Sweet syndrome. Expand
Zosteriform cutaneous metastases: an unusual presentation of metastatic lung carcinoma
The case of a 78‐year‐old gentleman with a background of end‐stage renal disease with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lung which was diagnosed due to the development of zosteriform cutaneous metastases around his vascular catheter (vascath) site is discussed. Expand