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Robust superhydrophobic surfaces with mechanical durability and easy repairability
Development of superhydrophobic self-cleaning materials is hindered by their susceptibility to mechanical abrasion. Here, to solve the problem caused by mechanical damage, we prepared aExpand
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Study on the friction and wear properties of carbon fabric composites reinforced with micro- and nano-particles
Abstract The carbon fabric composites filled with the particulates of polyfluo-150 wax (PFW), nano-particles of ZnO (nano-ZnO), and nano-particles of SiC (nano-SiC), respectively, were prepared byExpand
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Effect of the addition of polyvinylpyrrolidone as a pore-former on microstructure and mechanical strength of porous alumina ceramics
Abstract The effect of the solvent on the properties of porous alumina ceramics was studied when polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) was used as an organic pore-former. In particular, porous alumina ceramicsExpand
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A biomimetic approach to improving tribological properties of hybrid PTFE/Nomex fabric/phenolic composites
Abstract Interfacial strength between reinforcement and polymer matrix and dispersion of lubricant fillers in polymer composites are vital properties in determining the mechanical behaviors andExpand
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Transforming dielectric coated tungsten and platinum wires to gaseous state using negative nanosecond-pulsed-current in vacuum
With the help of thin dielectric coatings, corona free explosions were achieved in the region of about half a wire length (2 cm) for tungsten wires and nearly the whole wire length for platinum wiresExpand
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Friction and wear properties of carbon fabric composites filled with nano-Al2O3 and nano-Si3N4
Abstract The carbon fabric composites filled with the particulates of nano-Al 2 O 3 and nano-Si 3 N 4 , respectively, were prepared by dip-coating of the carbon fabric in a phenolic resin containingExpand
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Crack propagation and flexural behaviour of RC beams under simultaneous sustained loading and steel corrosion
Abstract This paper investigated the cracking behaviour and flexural capacity of beams under simultaneous sustained loading and steel corrosion. Chloride ions were electro-migrated into the concreteExpand
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The stab resistant properties of Kevlar/STF composites
A colloidal shear thickening fluid (STF) was prepared by dispersing submicron silica particles in Polyethylene glycol 200(PEG200) with ball-milling technique. Kevlar/STF composites were fabricated byExpand
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The Effect of Low Profile Additives on Unsaturated Polyester Resins During Curing at Low/Medium Temperature: Shrinkage Behavior Study
The cure of unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) is accompanied with a high degree of polymerization shrinkage of about 7-10%, which can generally be reduced by adding thermoplastics as low profileExpand
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The effects of carbon fiber on electroactive shape memory behaviors of cyanate/polybutadiene epoxy/carbon black composites
Electroactive shape memory composites were synthesized using polybutadiene epoxy and bisphenol A-type cyanate ester filled with 2 wt% carbon fiber; 3 wt% carbon fiber; 4 wt% carbon fiber; 4 wt%Expand
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