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Nine thousand years of human/landscape dynamics in a high altitude zone in the southern French Alps (Parc National des Ecrins, Hautes-Alpes)
Dept of Archaeology, King’s Manor, University of York, YO1 7EP, United Kingdom Centre Camille Jullian, 5 rue du Château de l’Horloge, BP 647, Aix-en-Provence, France Departament de Ciencies deExpand
Risk and marginality at high altitudes: new interpretations from fieldwork on the Faravel Plateau, Hautes-Alpes
Living at high altitude carries risks, so settlement there can be thought marginal. Its success or failure ought to be dependent on the environment and the climate. But recent fieldwork in the FrenchExpand
A historical ecology of the Ecrins (Southern French Alps): Archaeology and palaeoecology of the Mesolithic to the Medieval period
This paper elucidates the nature of human–environment interactions in a mountainous landscape (the southern zone of the Ecrins, French Alps) from the Mesolithic through to the Post-Medieval Period.Expand
Soil charcoal analysis: a reliable tool for spatially precise studies of past forest dynamics: a case study in the French southern Alps
This paper presents and discusses the use of soil charcoal analysis (pedoanthracology) to reconstruct past forest dynamics in a larch forest of the upper Guil valley (French Alps, Queyras). We alsoExpand
Attitudes to altitude: changing meanings and perceptions within a ‘marginal’ Alpine landscape – the integration of palaeoecological and archaeological data in a high-altitude landscape in the French
Abstract Research into Alpine archaeology in France has concentrated on the lower altitudes and has emphasized economic and chrono-typological approaches. Notions of Alpine landscapes as marginal,Expand
Mediterranean Landscape Archaeology: Marginality and the Culture–Nature ‘Divide’
Abstract The so-called culture–nature divide manifests itself in the ways in which many landscape archaeologists and historians write about landscape. This divide is in part a consequence of theExpand
Archaeology, hydrogeology and geomythology in the Stymphalos valley
This paper uses the results of recent excavations of the city of Stymphalos and environmental studies on the floor of the Stymphalos polje to examine the role of both the lake and springs in theExpand
Behavior of unbonded post-tensioning monostrand anchorage systems under monotonic tensile loading
This paper presents an experimental study on the ultimate behavior of unbonded post-tensioning monostrand anchorage systems under monotonic tensile loading. New types of seismic precast concreteExpand
New insights on lake sediment DNA from the catchment: importance of taphonomic and analytical issues on the record quality
This work combined plant and mammal DNA metabarcoding analyses with sedimentological and geochemical analyses from three lake-catchment systems that are characterised by different erosion dynamics to elucidate and assess issues relating to DNA sources and transfer processes. Expand