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Aggressive Driving and Road Rage Behaviors on Freeways in San Diego, California: Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Observed and Reported Variations
The California Highway Patrol in San Diego County receives cellular telephone calls reporting unsafe driving. The content of the calls varies, with drivers complaining about speeding cars drivingExpand
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Myostatin inhibition slows muscle atrophy in rodent models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is an incurable neurodegenerative disease leading to motor neuron cell death, but recent studies suggest that non-neuronal cells may contribute to the pathologicalExpand
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Antibody-targeted myofibroblast apoptosis reduces fibrosis during sustained liver injury.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Myofibroblast apoptosis promotes the resolution of liver fibrosis. However, retaining macrophages may enhance reversal. The effects of specifically stimulating myofibroblast apoptosisExpand
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The B-13 hepatocyte progenitor cell resists pluripotency induction and differentiation to non-hepatocyte cells
The rat pancreatic “B-13” acinar cell is a stable progenitor cell line that differentiates into hepatocyte-like cells (B-13/H cells) in 2D un-coated plastic culture with simple culture media inExpand
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The expression of ovine placental lactogen, StAR and progesterone-associated steroidogenic enzymes in placentae of overnourished growing adolescent ewes.
Overnourishing pregnant adolescent sheep promotes maternal growth but reduces placental mass, lamb birth weight and circulating progesterone. This study aimed to determine whether alteredExpand
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An expandable donor-free supply of functional hepatocytes for toxicology
The B-13 cell is a readily expandable rat pancreatic acinar-like cell that differentiates on simple plastic culture substrata into replicatively-senescent hepatocyte-like (B-13/H) cells in responseExpand
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Instruments for assessing readiness to commence suck feeds in preterm infants: effects on time to establish full oral feeding and duration of hospitalisation.
BACKGROUND One of the most challenging milestones for preterm infants is the acquisition of safe and efficient feeding skills. The majority of healthy full term infants are born with skills toExpand
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Adult human exocrine pancreas differentiation to hepatocytes – potential source of a human hepatocyte progenitor for use in toxicology research
Reduction in the use of animals in toxicology is an important goal despite the continued need to assess drug and chemical safety in man. However, a limitation to in vitro screening for drug andExpand
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Systematic review of the effectiveness of nursing interventions in reducing or relieving post-operative pain.
OBJECTIVES The primary objective of this systematic review was to assess the effectiveness of nursing interventions for the relief/reduction of post-operative pain when compared with either standardExpand
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A Bed for the Winter
When a dormouse sets out to find a safe place to spend the winter it is the start of a dangerous journey. Stunning photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging age-appropriate storiesExpand
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