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Neoliberalism on the Ground in Rural India: Predatory Growth, Agrarian Crisis, Internal Colonization, and the Intensification of Class Struggle
Focusing on the countryside and rural poor, this article delineates the contours and considers the effects of the Indian state's adoption of neoliberal policies in the early 1990s. It argues that theExpand
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From Covert to Overt: Everyday Peasant Politics in China and the Implications for Transnational Agrarian Movements
This contribution spotlights overt collective action as the form of everyday peasant politics in post-socialist China. It first considers the interlinking in the post-socialist period of globalExpand
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‘Gangster capitalism’ and peasant protest in China: The last twenty years
This article first reviews the alliance of money and power in post-socialist China, arguing that it has generated a peculiar form of the (so-called) primitive accumulation of capital–‘gangsterExpand
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Chinese Modernity and the Peasant Path: Semicolonialism in the Northern Yangzi Delta
Introduction: modernity, the semicolonial process and alternative histories Part I. Signposts: The Ming-Qing Transition and Beyond: 1. Agrarian class relations and peasant history in the SouthernExpand
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Economic Growth, Peasant Marginalization, and the Sexual Division of Labor in Early Twentieth-Century China: Women's Work in Nantong County
In recent decades economic development theory has increasingly focused on the question of women and work. At the same time, development agencies and planners have attempted to integrate programs forExpand
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Technology, society and inequality : new horizons and contested futures
Contents: Alvaro de Miranda: Technology and the Individualization of Consumption: The Development of Personal Computing - Richard Sharpe: The ICT Value Chain: Perpetuating Inequalities - ErikaExpand
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Chinese Modernity and the Peasant Path: Semicolonialism and the Northern Yangzi Delta . By Kathy Le Mons Walker. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 1999. ix, 330 pp. $55.00 (cloth).
many precious volumes in this book, because he provides generous translations of key passages from the ones he discusses, we come away with clear ideas about their structures and contents. HisExpand
The myths of technology : innovation and inequality
Contents: Wiebe E. Bijker: Foreword - Judith Burnett/Peter Senker/Kathy Walker: Introduction - Alvaro de Miranda: Technological Determinism and Ideology: Questioning the 'Information Society' and theExpand
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Peasant insurrection in China reconsidered: A preliminary examination of the Jun Mountain peasant rising, Nantong county, 1863
Focusing on a concrete historical example ‐ the Jun Mountain Peasant Rising, a small‐scale, mid‐nineteenth century insurgency in the Yangzi delta region ‐ this article re‐evaluates standardExpand
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