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Recovery after an Ironman triathlon: sustained inflammatory responses and muscular stress
Ultra-endurance exercise, such as an Ironman triathlon, induces muscle damage and a systemic inflammatory response. As the resolution of recovery in these parameters is poorly documented, weExpand
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Effects of different cooking procedures on lipid quality and cholesterol oxidation of farmed salmon fish (Salmo salar).
Salmon fillets were steamed, or pan-fried without oil, with olive oil, with corn oil, or with partially hydrogenated plant oil. The exchange between the salmon and the pan-frying oils was marginal,Expand
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Acute impact of submaximal resistance exercise on immunological and hormonal parameters in young men
In this study, we examined the acute effects of submaximal resistance exercise on immunological and hormonal parameters in 7 resistance-trained and 10 non-resistance-trained males. The participants,Expand
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Use of conventional and -omics based methods for health claims of dietary antioxidants: a critical overview
This article describes the principles and limitations of methods used to investigate reactive oxygen species (ROS) protective properties of dietary constituents and is aimed at providing a betterExpand
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Plasma antioxidants and lipid oxidation after submaximal resistance exercise in men
Summary.Background:An increased generation of reactive oxygen species occurs during exercise.The aim of the study:We investigated whether changes in plasma antioxidants and lipid oxidation productsExpand
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Malnutrition and depression in the institutionalised elderly
Malnutrition and depression are highly prevalent in the institutionalised elderly and can lead to unfavourable outcomes. The aim of the present study was to assess associations between nutritionalExpand
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The anti-mutagenic and antioxidant effects of bile pigments in the Ames Salmonella test.
The aim of this study was to explore the potential pro- and anti-mutagenic effects of endogenous bile pigments unconjugated bilirubin (BR), biliverdin (BV) and a synthetic, water soluble conjugate,Expand
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Transcriptome analysis of neutrophils after endurance exercise reveals novel signaling mechanisms in the immune response to physiological stress.
Neutrophils serve as an intriguing model for the study of innate immune cellular activity induced by physiological stress. We measured changes in the transcriptome of circulating neutrophilsExpand
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No indications of persistent oxidative stress in response to an ironman triathlon.
INTRODUCTION Training for and competing in ultraendurance exercise events is associated with an improvement in endogenous antioxidant defenses as well as increased oxidative stress. However,Expand
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Exercise-induced DNA damage: is there a relationship with inflammatory responses?
Both a systemic inflammatory response as well as DNA damage has been observed following exhaustive endurance exercise. Hypothetically, exercise-induced DNA damage might either be a consequence ofExpand
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